About CRTC

Cairo Regional Center trains the technical cadres of specialists and meteorologists, who work in the field of meteorology within the Meteorological Authority or in various sectors in the country

As well as training for expatriates from Arab countries, English-speaking countries from Africa, Asia, some southern European countries, and the South Pacific

​This center, which follows the ( WMO ), has many advantages to attract many trainees from all countries in order to capture the basic knowledge and expertise in the field of meteorology

​The sincere effort and hard work during the long years of applying all the quality standards in the field of training and the implementation of all the training programs established by the organization resulted in the center receiving the quality certificate in the field of training - the non-formal education system - ISO 29990: 2010
While EMA obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certificate​

​This is in addition to the geographical location. RTC is in the center of the capital, and this makes it close to many tourist destinations to enjoy the entertainment places and to see the history of ancient Egyptian civilization

Our Trainers

The Regional Training Center, selects the trainers with scientific and practical qualifications, who have obtained their masters and phD degrees, and technicians in the field of electronics and communications, in order to work as trainers.

Where they are trained through training abroad and internally, in addition to open the door to communicate with their counterparts in the global training centers.

Also, these trainers pass a package of specialized programs in the field of training, for example:

Trainer preparation

Training Specialist

Trainer Skills Development

Workshops, conferences, etc.


The Regional Training Center trains and qualifies the staff of the Meteorological Authority, the various bodies, university students, students and meteorologists from the Arab and African countries, etc. on the numerical predictions and forecasts in weather, climate and various fields of meteorology 

​The center has four training halls for about 80 trainees, and there are four other training rooms in the international conference building for about 122 trainees

​There are also six training labs for 90 trainees, equipped with technical training on monitoring, calibration, digital communication and satellite devices


Al-Khalifa El-Maamoun St.

P.O.Box: 11784 Kobry Al-Qubba

Cairo, Egypt

Tel.      : (202) 246-46-714

Fax      : (202) 246-46-715

E-mail: egyptian.publicrelations.ema@gmail.com

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