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The Egyptian Meteorological Authority is one of the most important scientific and applied sectors affiliated to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, which possesses a balance of impressive national and international achievements

​In 1829 AD, the Egyptian state, under the reign of Mohammed Ali Pasha, began measuring the temperature five times a day with the five prayer times in a room in the School of Engineers in "Bulaq" area.

In 1859 AD, the Khedive "Ismail" asked Mahmoud Hamdy Al-Falaky, one of the student at the School of Engineers, who worked at the Bulaq Observatory and before traveling to France to study astronomy and meteorology, to rebuild the observatory.

The new location of the observatory was in the Abbasia area, which continued to take observations throughout the period from 1868 AD to 1903 AD before being transferred to Helwan area in 1904 AD.

In 1915 AD, in the era of King Fuad I - Sultan of Egypt, Master of Nubia, Kordofan and Darfur, the Department of Nature became responsible for the meteorological service.

In 1952 AD, the Meteorological Department was established, followed by three specialized centers for forecasting, the main center in the Cairo building, Cairo International Airport and Almaza Airport.

Under the Presidential Decree No. 2934 of 1971 AD, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority was established, which became the administration of the facility throughout the Republic.


And since that date under the national leadership headed by the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, starting with Dr. Mohammed Fathy Taha, who assumed the presidency of EMA from 1953 to 1976 AD, and the President of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) from 1971 AD to 1979 AD, There were successive development plans to build technical and academic cadres, and to modernize all of its equipment and stations to keep pace with developments in meteorological science, devices, and related communications technology 

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The Egyptian Meteorological Authority aims to monitor changes in the atmosphere and forecast future changes through a wide network of meteorological stations throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, issue air reports, calibrate, maintain and repair scientific equipment used in this field, and participate in practical research on Atmosphere ........

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