Central Dep. for Analysis & Forecasts

This department is responsible for general guidance, policy development, planning for the general Directorate for analysis,  general Directorate for aviation forecasts and general Directorate for computer and coordination between these departments, and removing any obstacles or inconsistencies in the specialties, and raising the scientific and practical efficiency of all employees. , And supervising working groups in the field of forecasting to serve different sectors in the country

We can summarize the tasks of the Central Dep. for Analysis & Forecasts as follows :

Responsibilities and duties

- Supervising the broadcasting of meteorological reports, forecasts and weather maps to the outside world, within the framework of international, regional and local commitments.

- Supervising the issuance of forecasts requested by the armed forces.

- Recommend the establishment of new stations to update the basic information on which the work of the Department depends

And many other works

Al-Khalifa El-Maamoun St.

P.O.Box: 11784 Kobry Al-Qubba

Cairo, Egypt

Tel.      : (202) 246-46-714

Fax      : (202) 246-46-715

E-mail: emaeg.org@protonmail.ch

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