Central Dep. for the Office of the Chairman Board

The Central Dep. of the Chairman's Affairs includes several of its departments: General Directorate of Security, General Directorate of Legal Affairs, General Directorate of Information and Decision Support, General Directorate of Organization and administration, General Directorate of Planning, Central Statistics Dep.

The Central Dep. for the Chairman's affairs, responsible for planning and general direction of the work programs, and supervising the technical and administrative work of some of its departments

We can summarize the functions of the central management of the Office of the Chairman of the Board as follows:


Responsibilities and duties

- General guidance technically and administratively to its departments

- Provide opinion and guidance on the disciplines related to planning, development, guidance and problems and choose the most appropriate solutions and the choice between alternatives

- Follow up the annual reports of the self-evaluation of the departments followed, and the commitment to work required and on time

- Propose policies and all means to support the achievement of quality standards.

- Preparing plans and programs in the fields of data collection, information, studies, research, registration, preservation, publication, etc.

- Follow-up all technical and administrative work for all General Directorate and sub-departments within the EMA and all external stations


And many other works

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