Major General Aviator / Hesham Tahoun
Chairman of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority
Dating document
Major General Aviator / Hesham Hassan Tahoun - Chairman of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority - born on the eighteenth of November - he graduated from the Air College in 1988 - and worked in navigational teaching on the Bavalo plane for about one hundred and eight hours and twenty minutes, and all transportation tasks on plane C 130 for about four thousand three hundred fifteen hours and thirty five minutes. He held many military positions, acquiring distinguished expertise and skills, crowned with many honors and medals, until he assumed the presidency of the EMA, carrying with him the honor of Major General Aviator. He is also fluent in English and French.
Scientific qualifications / Programs / training courses
Major General / Hesham Tahoun, obtained many Scientific qualifications, and he passed many programs, training courses, including the following:
Bachelor of Air Navigation, Air Navigation Badge
Bachelor of Military Science
Diploma in Information Systems Management & Computer
Master of International Transport & Logistics Business Administration
Air Navigation Science Instructor Program
Aircraft C-130 "Tactical" Navigator Program
Aircraft C-130 Navigator Program
Meteorology Program
Aircraft Off-relay Accreditation
Public Program in Documentation Systems & Microfilm
Directing Fighter Program
The Oldest Point/Center Guide  "Advanced" Program
Leaders of Swarms & Oldest Brigades Air Navigators Program
Leaders of the Air Brigades Program
International Humanitarian Law Program
Management of Search & Rescue Operations Program
Qualification for Teaching Management of Search & Rescue Operations Program
Military Attaches Program
The Most Significant Posts & Memberships
The Most Significant Posts
- Presidency of / Membership of a number of bilateral conferences between the Egyptian side and the US Agency for security assistance for the management of programs funded by the US grant to the Arab Republic of Egypt (aircraft / equipment / communications equipment / .........)
- Presidency of / Membership of various committees and contracting
- practice to measure the needs of the Air Force (aircraft / equipment / communications equipment / ......)
- Participation in several committees, conferences, activities for diplomatic work between the Egyptian side and the French side
- Participation in the educational missions to exchange experiences with friendly countries in the field of teaching aviation colleges
- Management and follow-up armament contracts for Air Force signed with all foreign countries .
02 July 2018 - 30 June 2019
Assistant Chief of the Air Armament Division for Planning
27 Dec 2017 - 01 July 2018
Vice President of the Air Navigation Division
11 Jan 2015 - 26 Dec 2017
Head of Navigation Branch, Air Navigation Division
24 Sep 2013 - 10 Jan 2015
Head of Navigation and Guidance Branch for Air Area
27 Sep 2011 - 23 Sep 2013
Head of Planning and Follow-up Branch, Air Armament Division
01 Sep 2009 - 16 Sep 2011
Counsellor to the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in France – Deputy Assistant to the Head of the Paris Procurement Office for the Axis of the Air Force

The most important experiences gained

- Experience in business leadership, organizational and administrative affairs, local administration and security

- Experience in the study and analysis of weather forecasts that serve the aviation insurance business

- Dealing with foreign and regional bodies of diplomatic experience

- Experience in the development and the development of educational facilities curricula 

- Experience in the work of committees and the management needs of foreign contracts 

- Experience in the field of meteorology

- Experience in the field of space air navigation science

- Experience in the management and follow-up of business contracts

- Experience in the work of securing air traffic

- Experience in the Management of educational facilities

- Use of planning skills and problems analysis and providing treatment alternatives and decision-making and follow-up and evaluation of implementation

- The ability to use communication skills with all levels of bodies and departments and work efficiently and effectively within a team of various disciplines

- Design and evaluation of curricula and educational systems and to provide alternatives and solutions for development

Medallions Earned

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