Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Aal Mohamed


Chairman Board of Directors

Egyptian Meteorological Authority

Permanent Representative of Egypt with WMO

Chairman of the Permanent Arab Meteorological Committee at the League of Arab States

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Aal Mohamed, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was born in 1956. He has got many academic qualifications, passed many training courses, and participated in many conferences, meetings.. etc. We will mention a brief summary of content of this biography :


- B.Sc in Sciences - Mathematics Section - Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University
- Diploma in Meteorology -  Faculty of Science, Cairo university
- B.Sc in Law - Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University
- M.Sc. in Meteorology - Al Azhar University
- Ph.D. in Meteorology - Al Azhar University 

Training Courses

- Training course in the preparation of department directors in 1997

- Advanced training course in computer science in 1999

- Training course in interpretation of satellite images in 1999

- Program of preparation for the position of leadership - general manager 2002

- Training course in crisis and disaster management in 2004

- Program to prepare for senior leadership positions in 2012

- Program to prepare for leading positions of the top class 2014

Local, regional and international meetings

He has participated in more than 40 seminars, lectures, scientific and technical conferences, consultative workshops, etc., with different topics at local, regional and international levels.


- Participation in establishing the main forecasting center of the Egyptian  Armed Forces since 1991 and its sub centers .

- Supervision on issuing the routine forecasts and weather condition warnings to be sent to media and different sectors of the State.

- Supervision on the annual report of forecasting of the Nile  flood.

- Supervision on researches of climate changes and NWP.

- Teaching Dynamic Oceanography ,Faculty of science, Port Said University.

- Supervision on issuing the technical instructions required for the operation of the automatic stations .

- Contribution in establishing a meteorological data base for the general Department of the Armed Forces and its followed stations .

- Supervision on organizing a training course on the applications of the regional climate modelling in the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA).

- Heading the 18th workshop on meteorology and sustainable development held in (EMA), 2014

- Participation in using the runway visibility range(RVR) on the airport of Aswan.

- Contribution in upgrading the operation of the information line (AMSS) of forecasting center of (Almaza) Airport .

- Participation in updating some of EMA meteorological stations through the French Protocol signed between EMA & MFI.

- Supervision on supplying , installation and operation of 7 automatic observing stations to be connected to the Mainframe of EMA .


Al-Khalifa El-Maamoun St.

P.O.Box: 11784 Kobry Al-Qubba

Cairo, Egypt

Tel.      : (202) 246-46-714

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