General directorate for international affairs

The General directorate for international affairs and its divisions is one of the important departments in the Egyptian Meteorological Authority EMA, because it is the bridge between Egyptian Meteorological Authority and the external bodies at the local, regional and international levels.

The General Directorate is responsible for linking the strategic plans of the WMO and ensuring its application in EMA, and transferring the best practices in monitoring, analysis and forecasting, and providing services to the public

We can summarize the tasks of the General Directorate for International Affairs as follows:


Responsibilities and duties

- Follow-up to the activities of the World Meteorological Organization WMO, ICAO, international federations, all foreign and Arab meteorological facilities, research centers and relevant bodies

- Follow-up to decisions issued by the WMO and ICAO, and ways of implementing these decisions in coordination with the departments concerned with EMA

- Follow up and make adjustments to the coding systems used in the exchange of meteorological information at the World level, and issue technical bulletins for such modifications and their application to meteorological stations.

- Studying and preparing protocols and agreements concluded by the Egyptian Meteorological Authority with international, Arab and local organizations and bodies

And many other works

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