Pilot / Mohamed Manar Enabah

Minister of Civil Aviation


Pilot / Mohamed Manar Enabah, has been appointed the Minister of Civil Aviation on December 22, 2019 after over than 29 years of experience in Civil Aviation industry.

He has worked as a pilot, trainer, examiner and senior pilot on Airbus and Boeing airplanes. Throughout his career, he has been known for dedication and meticulousness, which qualified him to work as an inspector in the Civil Aviation Authority and Deputy D.G. for Safety and Quality.

The Minister has a Bachelor's Degree in Law and enjoys a distinguished experience in trade unions. He was a member in Egypt Air boards of directors. He assumed several top positions including the post of first Assistant Minister of Civil Aviation.

The Minister experience was culminated by working in the field of training when he became the head of Egypt Air Training Center then the head of Egypt Air Training Academy. Under his leadership, both institution Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) quality standards inspection, and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) inspection.

Pilot / Mohamed Manar Enabah, developed training in Egypt Air by adopting ICAO approved modern training programs and methodologies.

The Minister has vision in international cooperation, in particular, with Arab and African countries. This was clearly reflected in adopting a training strategy that targeted Arab and African Airliners. He believes in youth's role in our community, therefore he was very keen to qualify university students in their summer break with various training courses.

In recognition to his work devotion, Pilot / Enabah, has been granted awards and decorations from the Association of Air Transport Employees, Pilots Association, Commercial Sector Association, Egypt Air Company for Medical Services.

The Minister, born in 1965 in port Said Governorate, is married with two children. He is fluent in Arabic and English.

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