Lieutenant General / Younes Al-Masry


Lieutenant General / Younes Al-Masry, has been appointed as the Minister of Civil Aviation on the 14th of June 2018. Previously since the 12th of August 2012 he was the Chief Commander of the Egyptian Air Force.

He has over than 37 years of experience in the Military and Civil aviation field. On the year 1979; he received his Bachelor degree of Air and Military science from the Egyptian Air Academy; followed by a Master degree in Air and Military science on 1996. On the year 2002, he received Higher War College Fellowship from Nasser Academy.

In addition to many specialized courses in war techniques, Crises Management, and Task Destructive Capabilities course in the UK.

Throughout his career, Lieutenant General / Younes Al-Masry had held several executive positions as the Chief of Air Operations Department and the Chief of staff of the Egyptian Air Force as well as the Chief of Staff and Commander of Eastern Air Sector.

In recognition to his work devotion and long years of serving his country; Lieutenant General / Younes El-Masry has been granted several merits and awards; among which the Medal of longevity and Meritorious Service, Medal of military duty first class, Medal of military duty 2nd class, Medal of Exemplary Service in addition to the prestigious Medal of 25 January on the year 2011.

​During the period of 2005 to the year 2006 He was appointed as Instructor at the supreme War Academy in Yemen.

Lieutenant General / Younes Al-Masry, born in 1959 in Sohag Governorate, is married with two children. He speaks Arabic and English. He likes sports and reading.


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