Change the drinking water grid, and establish a central water grid for fire fighting

The project of changing the drinking water grid was one of the priorities of the projects that were accomplished inside EMA.


It was also necessary to establish a central grid for fire fighting. The project was successfully completed, which includes a grid of pipes, And a twin engine with 130 hp power (Electricity + Liquid fuel)


Generation of electricity from solar energy as a source of clean and renewable energy

In line with the policy of the State and the support of the Ministry of Civil Aviation in providing a clean environment and rationalization in the consumption of electricity, cooperation with some of the relevant institutions in the installation and operation of solar panels to generate 125 kW of electricity, to feed all buildings of the Meteorological Authority after  Connected to the local electricity grid.


Installation of security cameras in all buildings of EMA 

There was an urgent need to install security cameras to secure employees, visitors and all places inside and outside of EMA.

This project was completed in cooperation with all concerned bodies under the supervision of the security authorities


Developing central air conditioning system at the regional training center

The Regional Training Center, one of the leading centers of the World Meteorological Organization, provides training services to the Arab region, some of the Pacific, southern Europe and Africa.

​Therefore, it was necessary to keep the leadership by providing the environment suitable for trainees and training devices.

​The central air conditioning system has been developed so that it can be controlled individually in every places at the center


Provide the Meteorological Agency with three weather radars

With the support of His Excellency Mr. Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Under the auspices of HE L.G / Younes El Masry, Minister of Civil Aviation, and in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Defense, contracts were signed for the supply, installation and operation of three radars for selected locations in the Arab Republic of Egypt .

As these radars provide a diversity of meteorological information that can not be obtained by traditional methods. It accurately identifies all types of clouds, the height of their bases, their peaks, their horizontal extension, their location, rain, storms and hurricanes

As well as determining the amount of rainfall within the clouds and mapping it on radar screens. Along with many other sophisticated possibilities
These radars are expected to be in service within one year



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