Public Relations & Media Directorate

The works of Public Relations and Media Directorate is influenced by other works, and other works affect in public relations works.

It was necessary that this vital management be in constant contact with senior management. Therefore it is under the overall direction of the Chairman of EMA

This aims to give the Public Relations and Media Directorate the opportunity to participate effectively in making important decisions in this institution and in the formulation of its general policies, which reflect the philosophy and responsibilities of EMA in order to achieve the required services in the field of work in the best way.

We can describe the main work of Public Relations and Media Directorate. by linking the different media and EMA in all matters relating to the activities of the Authority and setting up visitation and accommodation programs for all visitors from Egypt or other countries to attend conferences or training. ... etc.


We can summarize the functions of public relations and media Directorate. as follows:


- The Directorate receives the guests of EMA from inside and outside Egypt and the preparation of programs of visit and accommodation for them.

- Supervising all travel procedures, whether obtaining visas from different consulates, obtaining passports from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and all related financial matters.....etc

- Follow-up of what is published or broadcast by the various media on the activity of EMA, and then submitted to the Chairman of EMA  to take the necessary in this regard.

- Preparation of the necessary programs for the establishment of special events, national and global, in accordance with the policy of the Chairman Board of Directors .

- Strengthening social relations between employees of EMA and employees of other institutions of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

- Continuing contact with public relations in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, and coordination with them to activate the human relations and permanent participation between EMA and Ministry of Civil Aviation.



 And many other works

Al-Khalifa El-Maamoun St.

P.O.Box: 11784 Kobry Al-Qubba

Cairo, Egypt

Tel.      : (202) 246-46-714

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