Central Dep. For Research & Climate

The Central Dep. for Research and Climate is responsible for the overall planning of the work programs and the general supervision of the technical and administrative work of : 

General Directorate of Scientific Research, and General Directorate of Climate.


The Central Dep. for Research and Climate sets policy and coordination between the two departments and supervises working groups in the field of meteorological and climate research to serve the various sectors in the country in accordance with the international commitments required in this field.


We can summarize the functions of the Central Dep. for Research and Climate as follows :

Responsibilities and duties

- General planning of theoretical and applied research work for civil sectors, military sectors or at the international level as required by the World Meteorological Organization.

- Setting the general policy for the work programs of scientific research stations (agricultural stations, radiation stations, pollution stations, ozone stations, etc.).

- The official representation of EMA in international and local conferences and in meteorological and climatic research committees at the national level, in cooperation with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Environment, Industry, Petroleum and Water Resources ... etc.
- Supervising the provision of climate data for different sectors of the country
- Supervising the development of climate databases for different sectors in the country.
- Supervising the information and climate data needed for studies and research, and required for the preparation of economic projects.
- Supervising and developing the issuance of climatic references and follow-up of the publication of climatic atlases between countries

   And many other works


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