CRTC Vision

Raising the classification of the Cairo Regional Training Center to be among the top 25 centers in the world

CRTC Mission

Training, qualification and upgrading of meteorological employees according to the guidelines established by the WMO. and The Center shall precede the aspirations of trainees in the level of service and quality of training

Cairo Regional Training Center

Training today occupies a central position in the world as an important and effective means of achieving goals. The training industry has become a heavy industry that needs specific inputs, and these inputs must also have specific quality standards so that we can achieve the right concept of training as a high value investment.

Contact CRTC

Al-Khalifa El-Maamoun St.

P.O.Box: 11784 Kobry Al-Qubba

Cairo, Egypt

Tel.: 02-246-46-722

Fax: 02-246-46-715

About CRTC

Training Programs

There is an advanced package of programs approved by (WMO), which helps to qualify the trainee to perform his work professionally


Cairo Regional Training Center is one of the 27 national and regional centers in the world

General Directorate

for Technical Training

CRTC trains and qualifies staff of EMA, various ministries, university students, and all students from Arab and African countries, etc. in the field of meteorological and instrumentation, training in communication systems in Meteorological

General Directorate
for Specialized Training

CRTC trains and qualifies Meteorologist of EMA, as well as students from Arab countries..... etc. in the field of weather, agricultural, environmental and aviation forecasts, as well as trainees from the Air Force, various ministries and university students in their fields of specialization.

General Directorate

for Programs & Evaluation

The General Directorate of Programs and Evaluation determines and designs the training programs, in accordance with the requirements of the stakeholders of EMA and all the concerned bodies, students of the field of meteorology from the Arab and African countries, etc.

Also, the Department monitors the implementation, evaluations and opinion polls of the trainees, trainers and stakeholders of the implementing programs to identify and develop the strengths

As well as identify weaknesses to avoid in the future, to maintain the level of competition with other regional and international centers

The Department also takes marketing measures for the programs designed in the annual plan of the Commission for the local, regional and international levels

In addition, the Department is responsible for issuing certificates to the students by passing the training courses at the Center


Al-Khalifa El-Maamoun St.

P.O.Box: 11784 Kobry Al-Qubba

Cairo, Egypt

Tel.      : (202) 246-46-714

Fax      : (202) 246-46-715


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