Central Dep. for Stations & Meteorological Devices

The Central Dep. of Stations and Meteorological Devices is responsible for the general planning of the work programs and the general supervision of the technical and administrative work of :

General Directorate of Surface Stations, General Directorate of Upper Stations, General Directorate of Meteorology of the Armed Forces, and General Directorate of Devices, Laboratories and Workshops

The central Dep. of stations and meteorological devices determines the general policy and coordination between these departments and supervises the working groups and technical programs of surface and Upper stations, develops working methods, maintains accurate technical meteorological operations, and establishes new high-tech stations. Etc.

We can summarize the functions of the central circle. For research and climate as follows:


Responsibilities and duties

- General supervision technically and administratively on the public departments and sub-departments

- Participation in the development of the general policy of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority, the general planning of the work programs, follow-up of the implementation of these programs, and the general guidance and coordination between the public administration. And sub-departments

- Final decision on all technical and administrative specialties related to the General Branch. And sub-departments.

- Coordination and follow-up of the implementation of specializations to prevent any conflict of duties and responsibilities between each of these departments

- Responsibility to modify and develop technical programs or means of monitoring ... etc

- Supervising the selection of meteorological stations

- Supervision of periodic maintenance and calibration and operation of equipment in stations ... etc

And many other works

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